Welcome to David & Ronnie

We, David Karavanie and Ronnie Raymot, have been designing and creating our own jewelry brand for 19 years.  Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we developed a wide selection of designs from which to choose.  The metallic element of our jewelry is a sterling silver base with a 14 karat yellow gold.  It is set variously with high quality semi-precious and precious stones, including diamonds.  Our jewelry can be crafted out of different metals such as sterling silver, gold and platinum.  The designs combine different elements that allow individuals to describe their own visions and interpretations.  Every piece is an individual creation that connects to the entire David & Ronnie collection.  Some elements will pattern themselves throughout the jewelry line.  For example: starburst setting, solid yellow gold spheres, yellow gold bars, yellow gold sheet metal, and solid characteristic shanks.  Our craftsmanship matches the quality of our materials, built on a solid foundation of artistic sensitivity and technical skill.  Our pieces have a timeless design that appeals to all ages.  Many of our pieces can be worn as unisex.  Over the years David & Ronnie have attracted many loyal customers who collect new pieces from time to time with great joy.

David & Ronnie